Eating Clean: How to Maintain a Guilt Free Calorie Defict

Why eat cleaner

You may have noticed it, our foods have gotten more processed and less nutritious in the last hundred years. Nutrition has commercially lost all value. Companies now tend to prioritize easily consumable and producible foods. But have you ever considered how this may be impacting your health?

The dangers of highly processed foods

heavily processed foods often interfere with natural macro levels. They tend to not have necessary vitamins and fibers, and are filled with excess fats, sugars and sodium.

You would also be at a higher risk to diseases like diabetes and cancer.

They are also very addicting, causing you to overeat, increasing the aforementioned risk

To put this all into perspective, me and a couple of friends got into a discord call to actually find out the side effects of the ingredients commonly found on labels

for a single packet of 150g bag of Doritos, these are the possible side effects of the ingredients that are listed

Skin Irratation
Stomach pain
Pills in your poop
Pale skin
Weight loss
Attention deficit disordersx2
Slurred Speechx2
Chills and shakesx2
Dry skin
Shortness of breath

Pretty scary, huh?


Diets have seemingly become the new trend. There are more than I can possibly name. There is the: - paleo diet, where you just eat completely unprocessed food - keto diet, cutting out carbs completely - vegan diet, where you consume no animal products.

I am not here to preach any specific kind of diet (especially since I’m not qualified). However, the approach that I have found appears to work the best.

The basis of most of how your body processes the arbitrary number known as “calories”, comes to this $$ calories \ in = calories \ out $$ as long as you control how much you consume every day, you can actually lose a lot of fat/weight this is called being in a deficit. However, you must not overdo it. Track how much you eat and make sure that you are eating slightly less than what you burn every single day.

Why the scale can lie to you

Often, most media sources state that losing weight is one’s main goal. However, most of the time, its more important to burn fat. When you are overweight or obese, and you suddenly start cutting down, you may notice that your weight is going down. This is because your body is consuming stored fat.

That being said, there are cases in which you may notice a significant decrease in fat, but not in weight. You must not be dismayed if this is the case for you (it was for me). If you work out regularly, it could be because your body is burning fat, and making your muscles stronger. Therefore, even though your fat % is actually decreasing, the weighing scale may show that you are not losing any weight as such.

Setting a reasonable goal

A lot of people I have talked to, who plan to become lean often say the following things

I’m going to the gym and lift x kg of weight every day, and not eat anything but chicken breasts!

I will focus just on working out, and eat my regular foods

I used to think like this, but realized it can be severely unsustainable. Making your perfect body requires willpower and consistency. The best way to start losing fat is to eliminate bad eating habits, such as sporadically consuming calorically dense foods (as stated before).

How to stop cravings

This question is the most important to me personally. Doing everything above wouldn’t do you much good if you eat like trash.

One of the biggest challenges was the craving I had whenever I saw foods with a lot of sugar and fat.

Therefore, what I did was eliminate snacks from my home completely. This may sound a bit extreme, but it has definitely helped with my snacking problem.

I also kept reminding myself that by not eating that snack right now (instant gratification), my future self would benefit by having a leaner and healthier body (delayed gratification)