How to Type Faster

Typing has become and exceedingly useful skill over the last few years.

My journey started with a single link. A friend wanted to compare our typing speeds. At the time, i was pretty slow, having to look down at my keyboard every time I wanted to type a single character (I cringe at the thought, in retrospect). At the time, everyone were much faster than me, I was at a slow 25 WPM and didn’t care much about it.

However, in late 2020,I realized the importance of being able to type fast, and have been (and still am!) practicing every single day.

Why Type Faster?

Typing faster, personally, has helped me a lot. If you use your computer even remotely, every single day, typing faster will boost your productivity Right now i am at around 75-90 WPM(words per minute) and I find that I am able to complete assignments and code much faster and efficiently.

It also really helps when i am trying to text someone and writing notes and blog posts

Touch Typing

There is a methodology to typing. To get faster, you should really learn to type without looking at your keyboard. I recommend websites like and It may be really hard at first, but the most important thing that you should learn is the muscle memory.

What kind of keyboards to use?

There are two main types of keyboards, membrane and mechanical. Although I will not be covering the differences completely, you can read more here.

I have used both, and personally, i find mechanical keyboards to be a lot more useful for practicing. However, the keyboard you use statistically doesn’t matter, hence I recommend you use which ever type that you like!


Layouts have become really controversial in the typing community. The one I use, and the one you are probably using too, is the American QWERTY layout. It is the most universal layout that you can find in almost all commercial keyboards.

There are some alternative layouts like COLEMAK or DVORAK. I recommend researching them if you are really serious about increasing your typing efficiency


There are a bunch of typing websites that are only a Google search away.

The websites i use the most are typeracer and monkeytype.I usually switch between them every once in a while depending on the type of practice I want to do.

Fair warning though: switching between websites too often isn’t that good either as you have to continuously adjust your typing style (different websites have different error counting mechanisms) and you wouldn’t have a good general statistical growth of your typing sleep.


This may be kinda clichĂ©, but remember, practice makes perfect. Don’t expect a 200 WPM+ right away. Practicing regularly over a long period of time is the only way to get really fast. Also,it is important to work on the accuracy. I time block my calendar to do about 15 mins of deliberate typing practice every day, and it helps me get in the zone quickly

Other Resources

Ali Abdaal’s video, along with NoThisIsJohn’s provided me a solid foundation, with additional, more nuanced tips…if you want to learn more about the art of typing, be sure to head on there!

Remember,practice makes perfect!