The Importance of Sleep in Learning

I am writing this blog post at 11:55 AM out of a great need to express my thoughts about sleep,the tame death that envelopes us all.

I find that in our modern world,sleep is often put aside,or even overlooked. I have recently found a study by the american goverment that asserts that 1 in 3 adults are chronically sleep deprived. These numbers are shocking and should make us reconsider our view on sleep.

Why is sleep important?

Sleep is your bodies way of winding down after a long day. You may not know it,but there is a lot of wear-and-tear happening in your body every moment that you are alive. hundreds of cells die and new cells should be able to regenerate in a healthy human being.

There is also a lot of hormones that flood your blood stream when you are in deep sleep.Melatonin and Growth Horomones that get released during deep sleep is essential for healthy body development.

How can sleep help me learn stuff?

Imagine you had a test in 8 hours.Most people,in this situation(especially the people who didnt study!) would be inclined to stay up all night and cram as much difficult informaiton as they can.

But alas,this teqnique that has become commonplace today is in fact,doing more harm than good.

Sleep is a time where your brain consolidates information you gather throughout your day.Your brain processes your memories and makes it easier to recall difficult information

even short powernaps can have this effect. So if you were to be short on time,reading all the information and then having a nap is a thing i would advise.

Even if you werent technically “studying” …sleep definitely helps you understand a subject,or topic a lot better passively.