The Internet:Advantages and Disadvantages


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The Advantages and disadvantages of the internet: college essay


For better or for worse, The internet has become a ubiquitous tool in our modern-day existence. It has become a means of propagating communication,scholarly research, Ideas. The internet is a repository containing all of known human history. It is a place to turn to when you want to find unique solutions. However, Not everything is sunshine and rainbows in the interwebs. There are serious concerns that will have to be addressed for what we call the internet a constructive,free and complimentary platform


  • The internet is an unprecedented center of learning. No matter where you are in the world, you can find always value in the analogous global Library. Platforms like Khan Academy and YouTube help provide world class education, especially in third world nations like India in which accessible education is something of dire need
  • The internet,and by extension social media, help connect people together. Families split apart by circumstance have the opportunity to communicate with each other using platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. It also helps to bring together people of different backgrounds and ideologies together and facilitates meaningful discussion
  • The internet has helped prop up multiple new industries, such as E-commerce,E-learning,consulting and digital infrastructure .The Indian internet industry is going to be worth $160 billion by 2025, which is a great boon to our young economy.
  • The Internet has become a means to entertainment. Reddit and Instagram provide funny memes that make people laugh, Netflix and Hulu distributes interesting films and series. These are a lot more accessible to the regular netizen than real-life means of keeping oneself engaged


  • The internet can be a pit for addiction. The dopaminergic effect that certain parts of the internet that certain parts of the internet are so unnatural and significant that they cause severe mental health problems, especially in younger people. Social media has created a culture which promotes narcissism and selfishness. Pornography has manipulated the need to reproduce into a severe addiction. online video games have caused millions of young people to waste away their youth in a repetitive fashion of obsessive consumption
  • The internet can be used as a platform to scam, deceive, steal and infect. Cybercrime will Cost The World $10.5 Trillion Annually By 2025, largely due to the lack of security/privacy on internet platforms.
  • The internet has enabled crimes like cyber-bullying,trolling and harassment to become virtually synonymous with the idea of the internet because of the “anonymity” that the internet provides
  • The internet and social media platforms create “Echo Chambers” which keep repeating ideas that can be largely manipulated by groups of people or organizations. This has caused the disturbing phenomenon of “Fake news”


In conclusion, i opine that without the internet, it would be fair to say that the path of humanity may have gone down a very different path. The advantages may outweigh the disadvantages in case you know how to use the internet productively.


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